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It is essential for us to start each project from scratch. We call it co- creation as we involve each of our clients in our creative process, to discover and translate a person feelings or company’s values into each of our jewellery pieces.

Casa Collab creates sustainable jewellery by using materials that are sourced ethically.


We are a Fairmined License working with local artisanal miners from our country of origin, Peru.

We use mercury-free gold in each of our collections, contributing towards a cleaner and environmentally conscious jewellery industry.


We co-design with our clients and craft communities one-of-kind pieces or small collections in collaboration with our partner craft communities. This process results in jewellery that is able to communicate beauty in an authentic and unique style.


Collaboration with brands is a win- win for us. It allows us to create a stronger community of companies dedicated to create a better luxury industry. We translate the language of a brand into carefully designed jewellery and accessories that are made slowly and with passion with our partner artisans and our selection of materials and techniques.


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Each of our products is the result of a unique co-creation between designers and artisans and we take care of the quality of each of them.

We don´t do fast fashion, we make eternal quality. Activate your product to enter to our re-design platform and be able to give life and maintenance to your jewellery piece. If you have old jewellery that you aim to re- design, please fill the form above this section.

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