About Us

Casa Collab is a collaborative DESIGN LAB for jewellery and accessories, based in Peru.

Our vision is to generate prosperity by developing a sustainable jewellery value chain with the use of collaboration and new technologies. We are conscious of the social and environmental impact that the luxury and the jewellery industries can attain through its production and further consumption. 

We focus on developing developing jewellery in an inclusive manner with artisans all around Peru and using sustainable materials. 

Our design aims to enhance people’s authentic style. For this, we use collaborative design and we co- create with brands and individuals interested in enhacing their style with unique jewellery.


Since our beginning in 2016 we knew, our purpose was social and environmental, this is why we have been certified as a pending B Corp by B Corporation, been the first jewellery company to do so in Latinoamerica.

We use micro-manufacturing and collaborative design® in Cajamarca, Arequipa and Lima region with artisans, producers and also artisan associations that own the ISO 9001, certification that proves our commitment with quality. 

The Executive Director

Andrea Jose Castro (Peru, 1990), business engineer from Pacifico University and European Business School London. She studied jewellery design in Corriente Alterna Art & Design School, as also 3D Design for jewellery in New York. Her main professional experience has been focused in project management and sustainability.

Since a kid, she always had a passion for  jewellery, being able to make her own creations since a very young age.  This passion together with her focus on social development, let her to study jewellery in the Sierra from Peru, while been an intern in a mining company. This experience marked her life and made her vision clear to create Casa Collab.

“In a world where individuals are becoming brands, collaboration allows us to create products that generate higher impact and value locally and globally”.